Freguesia da Guarda - Welcome


Welcome to “Freguesia” of Guarda!

The “Freguesia de Guarda” is a recent political-administrative division, resulting from the union of other three, according to a law of 2013.

The territory of this “Freguesia” encloses the entire town - the highest in Portugal (1056m) - from the urban historical part to some small rural areas.

Guarda was given “Foral” by King Sancho I in 1098, but its strategic position has always been recognized as crucial from ancient times.

The “Freguesia” headquarters are situated in the noblest part of Guarda: the Cathedral Square (Praça Velha (Old Square), as it is known), in a noble palace – Solar dos Póvoas – looking at the old Castilian balconies, the 14th century medieval houses  and just in front of the ancient City Hall. At the top of the square, the gothic cathedral, built between the second half of 14th century and the mid of the 16th century is considered as national patrimony. It has traces of gothic and “manuelino” styles which deserve your attention and visit.

The historical monumental richness is huge. Apart from the cathedral you can walk along the Jewish quarters – the Judiaria - visit  S. Vicente church on its edge, watch the remaining gates (“portas”) of the walls that protected the ancient town, get up to the Tower at the top of a hill, sit for a moment in the typically baroque Misericórdia Church, visit the Museum or just enjoy the rich and tasty  gastronomy of the region…

Down, outside the historical part you are offered a Park – Parque do Rio Diz – to relax, to walk, practice jogging or let your children play safely in their particular areas.

The white and cold Winters or the mild nights of Summers full of mountain  scents  wait for you!

The “Freguesia de Guarda” has its doors open to WELCOME those who come to enjoy the purest and healthiest air of Portugal!!